Old project from 2006 where I did some tests with Ecommerce (Php/Mysql/PayPal) with my own digital products (Screensavers). I received a couple of emails that people would like to download and use these screensavers. So, I packed all screensavers in one package, tests on Windows 7, 8 and 10 and it stills working. More information below.


Picturoid displays a series of your images with random effects like (Rain, Star Field, Galaxy, Leaf, Wall, Wall II, Wave, V-Scroll)

Auto Draw 2

Auto Draw 2 is a wonderful screensaver which draws your images. You can choose the pencil's speed and style. Very Easy to use. Great for your family photos or vacation pictures


Liquid and multi-color balls moving in a watery environment


Transform your desktop into several tiles which interchange according to the speed of animation that you chose


Mix random colors


A simple starfield on your desktop with thousands of stars. Choose the speed and the color of the stars

Auto Draw

Auto Draw is a splendid screensaver which draws your images or your favorite pictures like a drawing. Very easy to use, you can choose the speed and the color of the pencil as well as the color of the background

Plasma - 386

For the nostalgic ones, an old style of plasma with deformation and random mixture of color


Rotation of a sphere with several balls inside

Cell Racing

Draws multicolored cells that crawl around the screen

Bouncing Desktop

Transform your desktop into a bouncing ball in a 3d space


Firework with 8 kind of multi-color explosion

Stars Life

Star with variable combustion with 3 types of colors

Slide Show

Displays your favorite images or pictures in a slideshow. Great to view your family photos, vacations, partys and much more! It's user friendly, all you have to do is click on the desired folder and "Voilà"