Here are my most recent projects. More projects coming soon.

Raspberry Pi

Some projects with Raspberry Pi devices


Unreleased, prototype, or unused songs embodying minimalistic and experimental styles


Themes and Trailers

Ma'am Popcorn

Ma'am Popcorn is a tiny game about actors and movies where the goal is to pick a specific actor who plays in a specific movie or vice versa


git-whale is a useful tool to synchronize git and github repositories specially vendors and third party repositories

Blue Rose

Blue Rose (XMAS 2021 project) is a "bin2c" application look alike with more options to convert your data into multiple formats (e.g. C++, checksum)

Dark Guardian

Dark Guardian reference pages: How to use, examples, development update, ...

Dark Guardian Terminal

A terminal with quick searches for C++, Git and OpenGL documents


Forked from LLVM/Clang, Klang is my project to create my own programming language based on C++


MisterPug is a web search page generator with your files


Filelander is an application that scan your selected folder to find and delete your duplicate files

Delta 0 (Steam)

3 versions in 1 of Delta 0 on Steam (Delta0, Delta Zero, Delta 0)

Dir Sum

Dir Sum was my XMAS 2020 project. It is an application to display your files and folders differently with some stats

Audio Assets

My audio assets available for your creations (Streams, Games, Podcasts, ...)


A puzzle game to stimulate your brain!

Dragon Warrior I & II

Dragon Warrior I & II remix/remastered album

Quad Delays (VST)

Quad delays is a VST effect plugin that adds up to 4 delays

RPGCraft (OST)

Tiny album (SNES 16 bit style) for RPGCraft game/assets


DeathSkidMarks++ is an update where I applied machine learning to upscale and improve the image quality of this game

Octavia (VST)

Octavia was my small project for XMAS 2019. Octavia is a VST (effect plugin) that displays Piano chords


Old Musics I made in 90's


Some of my repositories / contributions

DOS (Projects)

Old DOS projects in Asm, C++, C, Turbo Pascal

Winamp + Doom Fire + My Jukebox

My jukebox (Winamp version)


Complete collection of my musical composition


Metroid remix music


Main YouTube Channel


XDoppio is a tiny project where you can control 2 players with the same controller for Cuphead game

Mini Nes - Sold Out!

30 Remix / Resampling of Mini Nes (NES Classic Edition) games (One song for each game)


Kainy is a remote desktop oriented for gaming and performance. Stream your games from your PC to your Phone/Tablet/PC


SteamBro was my small project for XMAS 2015. SteamBro classifies all sales discounts on Steam

Death Skid Marks

Death Skid Marks is a trashy, hard-as-hell car combat game about a post-apocalyptic road trip to the ultimate gig


An old project from 2006 in which I did some tests with Ecommerce (Php/Mysql/PayPal) using my own digital products


Original soundtrack on Bandcamp

Old Projects

Old projects between 2001-2005 - RWow / Remote Gaming, Game Boy Advance (GBA), MyQuake3

SoundCloud (XorASM)

A collection of some of my musical compositions

Kubic Quest

Final School Project in 2000-2001 - 3D game in software rasterizer mode and 100% assembly code


School Project #1 in 2000-2001


Youtube mirror of my videos generated with youtube-dl and MisterPug


Website images with preview, source link, thumbnails and slideshow

Video Gallery

Collection of all youtube videos on the website with source link


My versioned data and application archive.
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About Me

I'm Jean-Sebastien Royer, and I'm/was a Freelancer/Indie Developer/Software Engineer. I'm Canadian and living in Santa Monica. I’ve had the opportunity to travel/work in Italy, Japan, Bulgaria, Morocco, Spain, and the USA. I'm a passionate developer who likes working on all areas: 3d/graphics, low level, core, gaming, audio/video, networking, etc. Skills: Optimization, technical, problem solving, pushing the limit, autodidact, creativity.
Have a nice day,

Coding & Projects

I began coding at 13 years old on my 386DX 40mhz in Basic, followed by Turbo Pascal, Assembly, C, C++, Java, and more. One thing that awoke my passion for coding was the demoscenes and especially this one.
I always work on 1-3 projects at a time. I think it's a good way to improve yourself, learn the latest tech/trend, and realize your dreams. And one of the most important things for me is materializing my projects.

What games do I like to play?

Almost all but I'm a huge fan of retro gaming ( Contra, Super-C, Castlevania, Mega Man, ...) and Indie games like Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, Braid, Limbo, Papers, Please, ...

Find 3 hobbies, 1 to make you money, 1 to keep you in shape, and 1 that let you be creative

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